5 Benefits of Gulkand with Honey That You Cannot Ignore

5 Benefits of Gulkand with Honey That You Cannot Ignore

Are you someone who loves the traditional Paan? The one served at weddings after every meal. If so, then you most probably are already familiar with the topic for today, Gulkand. This natural sweetener is believed to be an Indo-Persian delicacy. A combination of two words ‘Gul’ meaning Rose and ‘Kand’ meaning sweet; it is prepared from the famous Damask Roses, although any type of pink rose can be used. It has the simplest preparation, but don’t take it lightly as a mere sweetener. Traditional Ayurveda and Unani medicine are known for their natural healing methods. Both these branches of medicine credit the consumption of Gulkand with Honey to have medicinal and therapeutic properties. 


Here are a few health benefits of Gulkand With Honey:


  • Gulkand with honey relieves women from Menorrhagia known as heavy menstrual bleeding, white discharge and other menstrual disorders in women. It is used for treating Dysmenorrhea or period pain with cramps as it relaxes the muscles of the reproductive organs and helps in overcoming the menstrual pain during the periods.   


  • Gulkand with honey improves memory and eyesight. It is a great digestive tonic and helps improve the digestion process, appetite and digestive problems. Gulkand benefits the skin as it is a natural detoxifier and purifies the blood. It is even used as an anti-ageing treatment.


  • Honey Gulkand is an excellent coolant and is used in treating ailments caused due to excessive heat. It is used as a remedy for fatigue, lethargy, itching, aches and pains. It also helps in reducing burning sensations in the soles and palms.


  • Gulkand with honey softens the stool and its sugar content helps contain the liquids to the intestines. It is a remedy for treating constipation, especially during pregnancy. Gulkand helps in treating the ulcers effectively. It removes excess heat from the body and soothes the prickly, burning sensation and pain due to mouth ulcers.


  • Gulkand with honey is also useful in treating disorders like Gastritis, Heart Burn, Acid Reflux, Dyspepsia, hot flushes in menopause, and excessive sweating and body odour


 Here is the nutritional breakdown of our Gulkand With Honey


Gulkand Honey Benefits Nutrition Facts
Approx Values per 100 gm.


283 kcal








2.14 mg


154 mg


17 mg


Gulkand with honey is consumed popular as a coolant-drink during summer. Mostly mixed with Thandai (a popular drink made for cooling the body), the regular intake of Gulkand prevents sunburn and heat flashes that commonly occur in the summer season. Nosebleed in summer is a common issue in kids. Gulkand is a natural remedy that helps reduce nosebleeds as it reduces the impact of excess heat on the body.

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