Add A Tinge Of Red To Your Diet With Saaral Red Rice

Add A Tinge Of Red To Your Diet With Saaral Red Rice

Did you know? 

The origin of coloured grains of rice is as old as rice itself.  The Balinese mythology of Catur Bumi says that the God Ciwa sent down a bird that carried seeds of four different coloured grains of rice – yellow, black, red, and white. While flying down, the bird ate the yellow seed and only three were left. These three (red, white, and black) form the main food of Balinese people. Similarly, the Japanese have their story as well. 

What about India? 

The earliest record of coloured rice is found in the Taittiriya Samhita of the Yajurveda. It says that different coloured grains of rice were given as offering to different deities. Black Rice for Agni, White Rice for Sun and so on. However, Red Rice was considered the most sacred and offered to Lord Indra. It has occupied a special position since time immemorial.

There’s another interesting tale to it. Folklores suggest that women, especially in Southern India had the choice of choosing their bridegroom through a Swayamvar, where the potential grooms displayed their strength by trying to lift a stone and win over the bride. However, if they failed to do so, then they were made to eat Red Rice as a method of preparing again. Sounds absurd? We know. But it was done so because Red Rice was considered to strengthen the body like none other. This even led to the rice being called Mappillai Arisi or the Bride Groom Rice.

Stories apart, what is Red Rice? What are the benefits? Read on.

The rice grains with a red bran layer are called Red Rice. Though only the bran is naturally coloured, a tinge of red remains even after a high degree of milling. The colour of the bran ranges from light to dark red.


Benefits of Saaral Red rice:

The Mappillai Samba Rice is considered replete with nutrition and medicinal properties.

Red Rice is rich in Iron and Vitamin, which together help in the production of Red Blood Corpuscles – the red blood cells in our body, which is considered as an essential element our respiratory and circulatory functions.

It contains high amounts of Manganese which is instrumental in producing energy for the body. It is also an anti-oxidant that safeguards the body from free-radicals which are formed once the energy produced and also protect our skin from premature ageing.

Additionally, Red rice is a huge source of Zinc, which helps accelerate wound healing and maintain the body’s defence mechanisms to function effectively. Iron and Zinc together contribute to the haemoglobin content in the body and strengthen all the blood vessels as well.

By consuming only one serving of Red rice, you can meet 23 per cent of vitamin B6, the quantity required for the functioning of the organ. This particular vitamin is required to help balance the development of serotonin, red blood cells and also aiding the creation of DNA cells.

The fibre content in Bride Groom Rice strengthens the digestive system and prevents gastrointestinal issues like constipation, diarrhoea and gastritis.

Consuming Red rice regularly will assist you to avoid the issue of asthma, help controlling cholesterol and diabetes and also promote a healthy heart and stronger kidneys.


With an interesting history and an undeniable list of benefits, Red Rice is a must for your diet. Are you concerned about the best choice? We can help you out. Head to our store ( ) and get started on your health journey today! 

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