Samai Arisi – The Semma Food For Your Body!

Samai Arisi – The Semma Food For Your Body!

Millets grains have been discovered in pots used for storing grains and seeds discovered at archaeological sites in China, India, Europe and different parts of Africa. It contributed to the earliest agriculture in several parts of Eurasia, including northern China, where millet cultivation was existent even before rice.

When compared to other cereal grains, millets do not ask much from the soil, are rain-fed, and are not susceptible to pests - neither in the field nor during storage. Though large scale investments pooled in for paddy and wheat promotion throughout the green revolution, millets were the staple grains for large sections of the population.


One such variety, the Little Millet or Samai Arisi is one of the small-sized millets suitable for people of all age groups. Little Millet is grown throughout India and is a traditional crop. It is closely related to the Proso millet, but the seeds are smaller than the Proso millet. Little Millet has a significant role in providing components such as phenols, tannins and phytates along with other nutrients essential for the human body.


Here are 9 reasons to why you shouldn’t ignore this super millet!


  • Unpolished Little Millet is fibrous millet, next to barnyard millet. Some varieties of Samai Arisi have been reported to have 37% to 38% dietary fibre, which is the highest among the cereals. It aids digestion and satiates hunger.
  • Like foxtail and barnyard millet, Little Millet is high in Iron.
  • Samai Arisi is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, phenolic compounds, and tannins. These are not directly related to nourishing the body, but play a vital role in promoting and boosting overall health.
  • The flavonoids present in the little millet play a major role in improving the body's immune defence system.
  • They also help keep diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cataract, cancer, inflammation and gastrointestinal problems at bay.
  • Organic Little Millet is a natural detoxifier. It contains magnesium known to improve heart health.
  • Samai Arisi is proved to possess a low glycemic index, values ranging from 54 to 68.
  • It is rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B3 (niacin) that helps lower cholesterol, it also contains phosphorous which helps with weight loss.
  • If you're into a regular workout, adding Organic Samai Arisi will support your body tissue repair after a strenuous workout and energy production.


Millets such as Little Millet or Organic Samai Arisi have played an important role in retaining our traditional food culture and farming system. The advent of irrigation and commercialization has certainly changed the farming system and food intake across the world. At Saaral foods, we acknowledge and re-embrace the cultivation of millets based on their unique traits which ranks them above other crops from the improved agricultural systems.

Saaral Little Millet Natural Grain Rice is fresh and sourced directly from the farmers. It is unpolished, free from pesticides and preservatives thus adding only benefits to your health.
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