In Nature, WE TRUST

Nature is abundant in health and wellness. We, at Saaral Foods, believe that the best thing that could ever happen to any of us is the perfect blend of health and well-being in a natural way. Saaral Foods aims to bring this abundance of nature into your homes and most importantly into your everyday lives.

Saaral foods is a natural health food company with a unique product range that is natural, healthy, and of incomparable health benefits to you and your family. We manufacture and market niche native foods and ethnic foods of India. Our goal is to enrich our consumers’ health and well-being by offering healthy products with enormous nutritional values and health benefits.


We truly believe that health is the biggest form of wealth. In today’s fast paced world, health is something that’s almost forgotten. At Saaral, we have taken the onus upon us to reverse this trend and introduce people to a more healthier and nutritious lifestyle




  • Created a new category by introducing nutritiously rich native and ethnic fruits in an easy-to-consume way
  • Launched rare and nutritious fruits with high medicinal and health benefits which otherwise was not consumed by the common man. We made it accessible and available to everyone
  • Diverse and tech-savvy team with expertise in digital and FMCG categories.
  • Easily available for purchase through online stores.


  • We offer an exclusive range of Indian native fruits which are specially processed with honey, a natural carrier of nutrients to the blood stream of our body.
  • Innovative, tasty and healthy products cater to Indian and international markets with nutrition retention packing.


  • Consumer-friendly and hygienically packed native health fruits to foster a new habit of healthy fruits consumption.
  • We follow high standards and adhere to strict hygienic protocols right from procurement, packing, dispatching and delivery.


  • Replacing unhealthy snacking with nutritious, healthy and ready to eat fruits that are rich is vitamins, minerals and taste
  • Native, Ayurvedic and Siddha means of preparation to promote healthy snacking and making food as a form of medicine.


  • Wholesome and cut fruits marinated in honey that are not only healthy but absolutely tasty that keeps you asking for more.

Ethical and conscious

  • We follow high ethical practices in every spectrum of operations to provide natural health products especially native Indian products in affordable price to the public.
  • Sustainable expansion plans to cover every city, town and village of Tamil Nadu and then across India.
  • Saaral foods are exported to few countries and will soon be available across the globe